ReSpace has been busy maintaining and improving the system that made it all possible. Here is just some of what we have achieved:




Other highlights include:


  • ReSpace has been endorsed by Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville


  • Our work was recognised in a statement by RIBA


  • At the other end of the scale, we were endorsed by perhaps London’s most active and notorious squat crew who have previously made headlines for taking over empty mansions in Belgravia. For us, this is a major success, which indicates that mindsets are changing and that our credibility is perceived at all levels of society.


  • ReSpace was invited to represent Hackney in the second event organised by Oslo city council – Hackney meets Oslo, which celebrated social innovation in the two metropolitan areas. We were proud to present to an audience of the top 50 social enterprises in those areas.


  • We were invited to the panel to interview for Hackney cooperative Developments new Director of Social Business. We offer our congratulations to the successful candidate!


  • ReSpace was nominated by the Chair of the LFESC to be offered space by the fire service to develop  projects. We held community consultations on behalf of  developers U+I at the Lambeth fire station project and much of our proposal for the space was implemented by U+I.


  • ReSpace also inspired large developer firm, Omved – who have announced online that they will be pursuing the community garden proposed by ReSpace Projects, after years of making enemies in the local community in Highgate.


  • We were invited to present at a video conference with fourteen National Lottery consultants, looking to upgrade their funding models to improve their ability to provide for good causes.


  • ReSpace was invited to contribute to the London Plan by the Environment committee.


  • As a result of our focus on holistic systems, ReSpace Projects was asked to speak at the respected Sci-Art-Met conference about holistic health, by sector leaders, Orassy.



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