Our Mission


Why is respacing so urgent and important for our society? What made us create the system and how does it all work? Our aim is to find time, space and resources to help people solve their problems.




“Our mission is to encourage the use of empty buildings and waste resources to create a system that generates more resources, shares them fairly and creates opportunities for all.”




This mural from the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft was lent to us at the start and inspired us everyday…


ReSpace Projects was set up to help positively impact our social and physical environments by intelligently re-using large-scale waste resources to save money, time and energy – and also our planet.

ReSpace believes that empty space should be used for the benefits of local people and that the only way to truly do this is to enable them to use it.

To do this our task is to create innovative showcase projects that prove the benefits and then use that evidence to create more flexible rules, regulations and legislation to give communities the same ability to use wasted resources that large companies and charities have.

We coordinated the creation, management and orderly wind down of the Hive Dalston social project as our first showcase to test the effectiveness of the system.


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We are currently helping new groups form and working on a number of innovative new projects – not only in London but across the country and even abroad!


Our aim is to inspire groups to create a network of “respace” projects that collaborate and create opportunity for themselves and each other. This network is called RALLY – An association of groups, businesses and organisations that are committed to using space for social good.


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We identify, train, resource and/or support local groups of people, businesses or creatives to manage the space independently in an astoundingly cost effective way using a multitude of wasted resources in innovative ways – making it possible for anyone.


The success of the Hive was based on trust – between the owners and ReSpace – between ReSpace and the Council/authorities and between the project and it’s people. Therefore the success of this system is also based on trust and a core part of our mission is to maintain a clear, transparent and trustworthy ethical guideline for projects to follow.



Hoardings outside the Hive said thank you as we left.


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