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ReSpace was created to be a vehicle for ordinary people to be able to grasp opportunities… part of our mission was to spread the word organically – by word of mouth. We are grateful that the creators of these articles came to see our work with their own eyes.



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The Huffington Post – These guys have a solution to london’s housing crisis.

“What’s wrong with just using buildings whilst they’re empty – for free? The landlord saves on rates and gets peace of mind and security for their buildings, and the community gets a new library, meeting place, theatre, or something…”

BBC Radio 4 – A Waste of Space?

“If I owned a commercial building, I would give it to them immediately!”

Harriet Sergeant – (BBC Radio 4 and the Daily Mail)

The Evening Standard – Hundreds descend on social centre…

“Green Party leader Natalie Bennett was today spotted volunteering at the CalAid project at Dalston’s The Hive”


The Spectator (CityMetric) – How to transform empty buildings…

“So much waste is produced on a daily basis that you could build 20 Hives a week all over London. We have a deal with Wilmot Dixon that has supplied all of our materials for free – from less than the waste of one of their sites we built the entire Hive.”


The Hackney Gazette – Politicians shown the way by Hive Dalston

“One question from the audience resulted in the panel all agreeing to sign a Respace Projects petition aimed at the future Mayor of London for a “respacing classification” to be introduced in planning laws.”


The Voice of London – Will Hackney be the first…

“Planning, Property and Finance departments could look at supporting the more socially minded developers, business and services to collaborate with groups like ReSpace Projects.”


Hackney Gazette – The Hive shares it’s secret

“Testament to their good relationship is the painting he commissioned outside which says “don’t worry, bee happy” – a nod to the Hive’s name and a “surprise present” to his tenants.”



Financial Times – Artists reclaiming the city… 

“Development in parts of Paris, London, New York and Berlin is threatening creative spaces — but some people are fighting back.”

(sorry – behind a paywall!)

London Live – Grand Theft Audio

Watch Gee talk about Grand Theft Audio – an event aimed at showing how respacing can help the live music scene.




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