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ReSpace is a family made up of individual projects working within the same ethical framework. This structure is self sustaining and mutually beneficial. Projects can be buildings, transportation or enterprises… it’s their intentions that count.



Project Lifecycle chart – developed by volunteer Ellen Osborne


ReSpace’s system is based around the power of a network of projects. Large businesses, internet organisations and governments are far more enabled to take advantage of opportunities partly because of formalised processes and infrastructure. ReSpace hopes to create such a structure for social, community and environmental groups to also enable them to access these opportunities. This is what makes ReSpace different.


Our system – called Holistic Urban Regeneration – is distributed, peer-led and resource-generating. This means that it is non-heirarchical and collaborative. Projects help each other. This networking system also allows for peer review and means that it is less likely to be disrupted by abuse.


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The secret behind the holistic benefits of this system is kept in a sophisticated process of “stakeholder analysis”. Expanding the idea of a “stakeholder” to include marginalised and underprivileged groups. Without this process these groups are often the hardest hit by lack of opportunity. ReSpace is committed to ensuring that projects in the RALLY network (ReSpace Alliance) are inclusive and engaging to those in most need.


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Current projects we are involved with are:




The Hive Dalston

Our showcase project, proof of concept and example. Now closed and producing impact reports.


The Craftory Workshop

Workshop and community facility due to open this summer. Created by the fantastic Craftory Newham crew.

Read about their open day here: craftory-gardens-sparkle-for-markle


The Folded Space

Pop-up arts and cultural venue in Southend due to open in Spring 2018.

Catch up on their soft launch here: the-cultural-assembly-respace-beside-the-sea


The Spark

Landmark project between ReSpace, Lwarb NCS The Challenge and others to create a credible circular economy hub.

Contact fleur for details.


The Hive Life Project

Innovative integrated health and wellbeing project in association with Tower Hamlets and Local health authorities.

Contact Laurad

Find it on facebook or Twitter

The BioHive

Innovative offshoot of the HIVE model based around architecture and bio and ecological principles.

Contact joanna for more details.


The ReSpace association for transport is a project aimed at producing an environmentally friendly transport network for projects.

Contact gee for more details.

IN TRANSITION: The Bitter End Romford

The crew of the Bitter End in Romford have expressed an interest in becoming a ReSpace and we are helping them along this process.

Read about their golden future here: golden-beginnings-at-the-better-end

Contact us for more details.



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