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ReSpace is voluntary. Everyone who has contributed has done so without financial reward because we believe that this needs to be done. We do not charge projects for our services. As we grow we intend to continue as a self-sustaining independent organisation.



ReSpace Projects was set up in 2015 initially to facilitate the creation, management and takedown of the Hive Dalston. The idea was to create and sustain a free social project in a way that had not been done before. Using modern techniques and methods to “hold space” for more traditional concepts like community, public use and integration. The phenomenal results of the model in delivering benefits to everyone has led to the organisation broadening it’s mission to include the enabling of other groups to emulate our success.


ReSpace wants to use the wasted resources of our society to support change-makers and those who do social good. Our aim is to promote the re-use of wasted space to create a network of sustainable social projects that channel these resources to those that need them most – without cost to them.



To achieve this we pioneered a fast, innovative and effective system that delivers massive benefits to all involved. It’s called “Holistic Urban Regeneration“. It involves the collaborative use of a variety of wasted resources – like time, space, food and materials – by groups committed to social good. It is a very powerful tool that can help groups, businesses and local authorities breed resilience into their communities.


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The effect of this is to create experimental spaces where people feel empowered to try new things. This freedom to innovate allows local people to become more resilient and better connected.


We support communities of all kinds by:
  • advice, support and training
  • resourcing of wasted materials
  • creating a sharing network called “RALLY”
  • producing innovative showcase projects that inspire others



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ReSpace was formed in 2015 as a not-for profit company limited by guarantee by Gee, David (Ned), Joanna and Peter (Phoenix) with Renata, Shoshana, Kuba, Ivan and Lisa as core crew. This was done to facilitate the creation of a meanwhile lease for the Hive Dalston.

April 2015 The contract for The Hive was signed for 7 months.

May 2015 The Hive opens! Lisa Furness installed as first "project manager"

Winter 2016 ReSpace won our first major extension for a year!

Summer 2016 Fleur Disney and Joanna Jagusiak were voted to the board by the Directors.

By autumn we had also added Brian Millington and Wilfried Rimensberger to the board.

In spring 2017 Based on evidence presented to the board - Peter Barry (Phoenix) was requested to leave the organisation by unanimous vote of all 6 directors.

The decision was also made by the board to examine changing to a "community benefit society structure".

In summer 2017 We associated with the Craftory Newham Ltd.

Also in summer 2017 ReSpace partnered with LWARB and the NCS as well as working with Hackney and Newham councils.

Autumn 2017 We associated with The Better End Ltd.

November 2017 The Hive closed after 4 extensions and 1000 days.

January 2018 Work begins on the Impact Report for the Hive and construction of the network.

As of January 2018 ReSpace currently has 6 Directors.


Brian Millington
David Addrison (Ned)
Fleur Disney
Gee Sinha
Joanna Jagusiak
Wilfried Rimensberger

Project Co-ordination
Laura Davidaviciute
Lisa Furness
Ivan Lombardi
Core Crew:
Adrian Watts
Alex Maranca
Debbie Warrener
Jay Vince
Shoshana Rose Stern
Company Name: ReSpace Projects Ltd
Registered number: 09551470


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