Holistic Urban Regeneration


There is enough wasted food, materials and space to make a huge difference to the places we live. ReSpace has developed a resource generating infrastructure. The system uses space as a platform to provide opportunity to those that need it most.




ReSpace turns empty buildings into hubs, connected through a network of projects, for the collection, storage and re-use of wasted resources. These projects operate using sustainable models, like the Hive – trading space or materials to cover their costs and deliver useful facilities to the local communities, charities and small businesses.

The incredible potential of this Holistic system is demonstrated by the results of the Hive Dalston which started with nothing and gave away hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of space, materials, resources or services.

The Hive has fostered a number of similar projects which form the basis of this network.


Holistic Urban Regeneration offers:


  • a free, council approved solution to the problem of empty buildings
  • savings of hundreds of thousands on security and maintenance
  • peace of mind on the condition of your assets
  • positive public image
  • improved relations with planning departments and local residents


  • a solution to the blight of empty properties and guardianships
  • provision of vital services and facilities to the local communities
  • a credible communication channel with the public
  • valuable social capital

Social businesses

  • collaborative space and projects for the promotion of your business
  • increased footfall
  • joining a similar organisations network


  • Access to extremely low cost facilities, space, training and social activities
  • improved local area
  • opportunities to start projects or businesses

Social groups

  • collaborative engagement
  • access to vital resources to promote your social aims



Key to providing these benefits is the network and the sustainable models that make projects function. ReSpace creates these models using innovative techniques.


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