Historic, outstanding, important, effective… these are just some of the things that people say about the Hive and ReSpace. From next-door neighbours to senior politicians, from landlords to lecturers – here’s some of what they have said:


Michael Gerrard, Investland:

“I’m pleased to have worked with Respace Projects and am proud of what we’ve achieved. I feel that together we’ve helped show the way to other developers and councils about what can be done in our cities when we share resources.”

Philip Glanville, Mayor of Hackney:

“From the time I first ventured into the Hive Dalston I have watched the progress of ReSpace Projects with interest and two years later I am pleased that they have completed their project with such outstanding results. As a collaboration between community groups, developers and businesses I would encourage my Council to forge ways in which such innovative social movements could be supported more fully.”

Harriet Sergeant, writer and presenter:

“It’s actually happening! Anyone who wants to know whether these ideas can work just needs to come down here and see it for themselves.”


Adam Russell, NewBias Industries Ltd:

“There are so many empty spaces and so many amazing projects that can utilise this glaringly wasted set of opportunities London has provided to make positive changes to society – Respace and the Hive are the way to ensure this is done fairly, efficiently, professionally and with the most loving care. Trust them with your buildings and budgets and you won’t regret a thing”

Ben Derbyshire, president of RIBA

“The Institute should celebrate and promote the work that you do – conveying the message to both the public and policy makers of the benefits of your contribution.”


Charles Landry, city planner:

“We need more places like The Hive in London as the city is in danger of overheating and pricing out anything experimental, open or alternative.”


Shaun Bailey, deputy Chair of the Regeneration Committee:

“If we can support families, community groups and places like the Hive, training them how to spot issues with mental health we’d be off to a great start to improving the city’s wellbeing.”

 Caroline Petersen, Fundraising Manager, Tibet Relief Fund Testimonial:

“We are a small local charity and have worked with the Hive to put on several events over the past two years. Having this space available to us has meant that we could do two exhibitions and two major donor events, helping us reach out to the local area as well as stewarding our current supporters. This has saved us a huge amount of money, which ultimately means more goes towards supporting Tibetans in India, Nepal and Tibet..”

Sian Berry, London Mayoral candidate:

“Communities are always in need of space and I really support the temporary use of empty buildings – we need to set up more places like the Hive”. “I completely support the ‘respace classification’, which will require a change in planning law at a national level. But we can make a start here in London.”


Tom Copley, London Assembly member:

“The Hive just goes to show what you can do with any building – what we should be doing with empty buildings. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we made better use of fire stations, police stations and TFL buildings when they’re empty? The ReSpace model has shown we can do it.”


Anna Minton, author of Big Capital and Ground Control:

“If we want our cities to thrive we need to protect our rights to protest and we need to support these independent spaces where trust can build between communities.”


Eleanor Wilson, founder of Passing Clouds:

“The Hive Respace project was a groundbreaking incentive that had a real and lasting impact not only on the local area but a London wide network of socially engaged individuals and organisations, who for over two years were provided with much needed space to enable a wide range of artistic and community orientated pursuits. This in turn led to a noticeable increase in social cohesion, wellbeing and a sense of community.”

Francis King, Senior lecturer, University of Westminster:

“When it comes to the language we use in planning, it’s one of the first ways communities are alienated from a ‘consultation process’. Independent and accessible spaces like the Hive are so important when it comes to actual participation by local people in local decisions.”


 Peter Holbrook, CEO Social Enterprise UK:

“Never fail to be inspired by #SocEnt leaders … Respace Projects.



Full and further testimonials are available on request.