ReSpace your empties!


It’s the best way you can put empty space to good use! Save money, save time, save the planet… the benefits are huge. It’s the only way to make sure everyone wins! Whether you have a building that is not being used, you know someone who does or you are keen to get empty buildings used.. get in touch.


Respacing is an effective and proven way to deal with the problem of empty buildings. Owners save money and improve relations, Councils gain vital social facilities at no cost, charities and small businesses get access to truly low cost space and resources and local people get opportunity and support to positively change their lives.
No other meanwhile use offers such an incredible range of benefits. And, crucially, benefits of respacing last long after the project has finished.
Visibly better – what ReSpace projects actually look like… creative and beautiful.
Unlike other options, Respacing requires no external funding and does not create a “market” for space as this eventually leads to competition which drives costs up and standards down. Respacing is not property guardianship – which recent evidence shows has a profoundly negative effect on the local community and economy.
“we conclude that the form of permanent temporariness experienced by property guardians needs to be understood as a symptom of wider dynamics of work and life precarisation in urban centers”  – Living Precariously – Mara Ferrari et al.
Ugly – other forms of meanwhile use can show neglect and deprivation.
All of this means that respacing is reliable, effective and a genuinely “good” way to use empty buildings.
ReSpace Projects projects exists to ensure that benefits are shared fairly amongst all stakeholders. It has proved that its system means that neither owners, councils, communities nor the vulnerable are taken advantage of – as can happen currently.
So if you have a portfolio, an empty property or know someone who does… get in touch and find out how ReSpace can help you join this fast growing trend!


Just some of the benefits:

  • 24hr security and maintenance by a caring community
  • Up to 100% savings on rates and costs
  • Membership to social City Makers association
  • discounts on services
  • Local authority approval
  • Section 106 solution
  • Get more time to decide what’s best for your building
  • Increased property value through popularity
  • and so many more!



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