Our Latest Project – ZeroLDN

“#The #Best #Place in the #World”

– Willow, aged 11 –

Our pop-up sustainability hub proves the potential of the ReSpace system to create collaborative workspaces that connect social business to local communities.

When the agreement was reached, in June 2019, for ReSpace to re-animate Bradbury Street Works – a Hackney Cooperative Developments building in Gillett Square, the initial arrangement was for 7 weeks. Timed to coincide with London Climate Action Week the plan was to use the 25 spaces to provide workspace and workshops for the thriving communities that inhabit one of London’s last remaining public squares.

We quickly set about curating a group of collaborators that covered the 5 main areas of waste – Built Environment, Plastics, Food, Textiles and Technology and the Zero LDN project was born. Our aim was zero waste, zero cost.

16 months later the building is finally in the first stages of redevelopment and the project has grown and morphed many times over. We are proud to announce the release of our ZeroLDN impact report that gives an overview of just some of what was achieved.

Get the ZeroLDN impact report released on the 13th November 2020


Why not watch Fleur Disney give you a summary of the report from our London Climate Action week event?

Some highlights…

But there’s more…

The ZeroLDN Project came to an end, officially, in March 2020… however the building did not close and went through a remarkable transition… click below to find out more..


see the mutual aid report