A thousand days of Hive


Read the first report from the unique social project that was the Hive Dalston. Go behind the scenes and uncover the impact it had on us, the visitors, crews, local area and even across the world! This is the first time we are telling our story



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Look out for the first report on the impact of our showcase project. Showing just some of what was achieved in...


The report measures and evaluates the social, economic and environmental benefits of "respacing" empty buildings.

HIVE is -


Amazing photographs, stories, testimonials and statistics build a picture of what buildings like this can do to help everyone...

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Featuring conclusions and results from a unique survey of visitors to the Hive - covering all areas of life!

... and keep an eye out for the new Hive Archive website!


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“The Hive was a project like few others – part home, part venue, part social club, part festival – it constantly confounded expectations… it was a hub, a beacon and an inspiration.”





Starting with nothing and with no funding, we converted an old office block into one of the city’s most vibrant social projects. Self-sustaining and self-organising, it ran for a thousand days delivering benefits for society for every second.





“1000 days of Hive” charts the story of the Hive Dalston social project from it’s conception to the closing days and beyond… told in stats, stories, photos and testimonials this report gives a picture of the scale and scope of what we achieved told in the words of others.

It’s the first of it’s kind… and we hope that the findings we have made and lessons we have learnt will help inspire others.



Due to a sudden increase in workload this report has been delayed until later this year.


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