Welcome to ReSpace


 We are an organisation built by people for people. We want to build innovation environments from empty buildings, wasted resources and volunteered time to help build a better world. These innovative environments are proven to tackle problems like homelessness, poverty, hunger, diet, health, political, economic and social issues.



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What we are working on:


Since the take-down of the Hive in December 2017 – a process where we distributed 90% of the Hive’s “stuff” to local people, charities and new projects – We have been busy in the background helping new groups, spreading the idea into government and analysing the findings from our showcase project. We are currently working on a number of new buildings and on ways to grow and help even more across London and beyond.


We need you!


Respacing – and the need for a truly social way of using empty buildings and wasted resources – is really urgent, and as we enter a period of real global uncertainty it’s really time to work together. A small team of volunteers and crew have been responsible for everything you will read on this site and to achieve our mission we have to grow. We are looking at ways to achieve that without reliance on funding.


If you feel you can contribute to our mission either with skills, knowledge or enthusiasm please get in touch.


We are currently seeking people to help open new projects, create systems and infrastructure to support them and help open doors to access more resources to share. If this is you, then drop us a line.


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But more than anything we need you to tell people about what can be done – by just a few people, starting with nothing. We need people to believe that building for social good is possible. More than possible. It’s happening.



The ReSpace team. x.



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