Greetings and a friendly hello from the REinsTate team! We’re a grassroots organisation that recently won the tender for the abandoned yet magnificent Tate Institute.

Located in Silvertown, Royal Docks, the Tate Institute holds a special place in the community’s heart. Originally built by Henry Tate for his sugar factory workers, it was a central hub until the early 2000s when it sadly closed its doors. Over the years, the building fell into disrepair, with leaking roofs and various other issues emerging. Despite this it remained a cherished memory for locals, even as it became disconnected from the warmth of community engagement.

In 2016, the initial strides toward its current trajectory began. Craftory, an artist collective, squatted this building, cleared an enormous amount of trash and tried to maintain it for approximately four years. During this time, they also hosted numerous free family events for locals. A tremendous amount of collective effort went into the temporary repairs of the building, utilising materials entirely sourced for free. Some of these repairs were makeshift, like the Cinderella poster used to patch a roof leak, which was visible from the London City Airport DLR station. The group comprised builders, artists, and creatives of various backgrounds, all pouring their talents and love into the building at no expense to taxpayers. In 2018, the building reverted to the council’s ownership, and the Craftory group disbanded, each member going their separate ways.

After remaining vacant for an additional four years, the building was open for proposals from organisations aiming to provide the greatest value for the local community. ReSpace emerged as the winning bidder, offering an innovative plan that fosters opportunities for grassroots organisations, entrepreneurs, artists, and the community at large. This story sees continuity as ReSpace and Craftory have been closely linked, offering mutual support. Some members of Craftory will continue collaborating with ReSpace to transform the Tate Institute into a vibrant centrepiece of the community.

The REinsTate project—a visionary initiative aimed at delivering real community impact while generating the value needed to fill the funding gap. By tapping into the vast surplus created by society, particularly from large businesses, ReSpace seeks to repurpose otherwise-wasted resources and redirect them towards a greater good. With around 2 million tonnes of commercial, development, and usable municipal waste generated annually in the area, and a staggering 50% of food going to waste, there’s untapped potential waiting to be unlocked. At its core, the REinsTate project is about more than just restoring a building—it’s about reimagining the future of Silvertown. By repurposing waste materials and harnessing the community’s collective resources, ReSpace aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the project while creating key facilities that mitigate social and economic disparities. It’s a win-win scenario that not only breathes new life into a cherished landmark but also paves the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

As we continue to move forward, the REinsTate project stands as a shining example of what’s possible when communities come together to reclaim their history and shape their future. With the Tate Institute poised for revival, the REinsTate project offers a glimmer of hope amidst the challenges of our time. Together, we can turn the page on neglect and write a new chapter of resilience, prosperity, and community spirit in Silvertown.

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