The ReSpace Alliance – RALLY

In just a few short weeks we will be publishing our social impact reports for the Hive Dalston and sharing our results and findings from this and a growing network of similar projects. Some of these are spectacular and will hopefully help other groups to start their own projects and involve their local businesses and councils in them. We hope to show the incredible power that trust between all participants can create.


We found that the relationship between The Hive Dalston, the communities who used it, the businesses who helped it and the council – was based on trust and commitment and this allowed for us to innovate and experiment. This trust is key to the success of any project.


Social responsibility is becoming big business and we believe it can be difficult to know which groups or companies share your ethical values and prioritise doing social good.


This is why we set up The ReSpace Alliance – an association of businesses, councils, social groups, charities and others who commit to using their wasted or spare resources to reduce inequality and do social good.



The mission of RALLY is deceptively simple – create a family of organisations that can trust each others intentions to work together on social projects. This way when you see a company or project that carries the logo – you can be assured that they will be peer-reviewed and prioritise local communities and social good. That they share the desire to create a better world.


We are currently building this association and it’s rules and structures. Please click here for more information: