The Cultural Assembly – ReSpace beside the Sea.

Congratulations to the Cultural Assembly for their inspiring soft launch of “The Folded Space” – their pop-up culture concept. Based in the Victoria shopping centre in Southend, theirs is an really interesting combination of ReSpace’s circular principles with the needs of the local area.


Southend has a large number of empty buildings and the town centre has seen steadily falling footfall. We hope to help Kwesi, Maia and their team re-invigorate a struggling part of town with culture, creativity and hope. The Folded Space will be a platform for local artists, creatives and socially minded organisations to share and co-create in a space hosted for that purpose. The vision is of art, music, spoken word and discussion events organically bringing together the disparate communities of Southend.

The team plan to start proceedings with a “Freedom Exhibition” – like the Hive did – to get local people involved in the creation of their project. The reaction from those present at the launch was overwhelmingly positive and ReSpace were proud to be invited to speak.

They are currently open to people and organisations interested in getting involved in this brilliant space and particularly those interested in creating the Freedom Exhibition.


You can find them here: